Stéphanie. Eighteen. Perpignan (France). English student.
♥ Gossip Girl. Angus & Julia Stone. Blackberry. Chocolate. Chair. Apple. Disney. America. Eminem. Nailpolish. Skins. Mango. Book. Zara. Chanel. Abercrombie & Fitch. Barcelona. Fashion. Malaga. Glee. Food. The Kooks. Sushis. Coffee. Arctic Monkeys. Starbuck. The Kooples. Lil Wayne. Twitter. Lil Wood & The Prick. Friends. Photography. How I Met Your Mother. Reading. Mobb Deep. Fashion Week. Pride and Prejudice. California. Swan Lake. Cats. Cakes. Cosmetics. Musso. Tchaikovsky. Spain. Tiersen. Smile.
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Posted on 7 juin
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