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I read in the paper todayIt’s been a record year for rainfallAnd you were leaning against the bathroom wallIn your lonely dressWas your only dressStand accusing acrossI’ve got a temper set for tenderAnd you were shrugging it off like a featherSaying, “Oh, would you look at this weather?”What’s the use of all of this?It’s to remember you in the entireBecause I’m watching it slip awayAnd in the annals of the EmpireDid it look this gray?Before the fallBefore the fall

Lana Parrilla films scenes for “Once Upon A Time” in Vancouver, Canada on November 27, 2013

Title: For youArtist: Pamela Duenas Wood



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Quand en fait, il en a vraiment rien à foutre
When he doesn’t give a shit


Elie Saab spring 2013 couture details

Haute Couture blog :)